January Favourites

With the first month of 2017 done and dusted, the new year brought in some new favourites. Those who know me know that I am a very routine person. I use the same products day in and day out because I know that what’s work best. Although this doesn’t stop me from trying new things, I tend to gravitate towards my usual suspects. This month, I’ve bought, been sent and tried out a few new products that I’ve been loving and wanted to share them with you all!

Side note… as I’m writing this, it is currently snowing… Which is definitely an UNfavourite of mine. Can we please be done with this freezing cold weather and have some sunshine please?!

1. Sudio Sweden Headphones 



As pictured above: my love for all things rose gold, white and grey. These headphones are awesome because I can workout without having to worry about the cord, which can easily get tangled throughout my layers of clothing. I love that they stay in your ears, even if you’re running! Can we also talk about how cute they are…….

Use “discoverbella” at sudiosweden.com for 15% off your purchase!

2. Rebecca Minkoff Bag 


This bag holds everything – from my water bottle to a full on meal, I’m good to go.

3. SOREL Winter Boots 


Snow, snow, snow… need I say more? These boots are warm, waterproof and basically all I wear when the snow falls (there is still supposed to be more snow… ugh).

4. Marble Phone Case


I am a true Apple girl. I seldom stray from my faithful leather Apple case however, this marble one is definitely an exception. Who else is obsessed with marble?!

What are your favourites for the month? Comment down below and let me know any products I should try out!



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